News Corp. Uber Alles?

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Ex-Publisher’s Suit Plays a Giuliani-Kerik Angle

Judith Regan, the former book publisher, says in a lawsuit filed today protesting her dismissal by the News Corporation, the media conglomerate, that a senior executive there encouraged her to lie to federal investigators about her past affair with Bernard B. Kerik after he had been nominated to become homeland security secretary in late 2004.

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Fox News Reports 2nd Dubious Instance of Planting a Question by the Clinton Campaign

This is a fair and balanced blog post of course.


Unlike the straight “gotcha” journalism (which is needed in the Pres. Campaign), a clip below shows Fox crossing the line for journalistic integrity:


Another Question Planted by Team Hillary?

In a telephone interview with Fox, Geoffrey Mitchell, 32, says he was approached by an operative for the Clinton campaign to ask a planted question about standing up to President Bush on Iraq war funding. The encounter happened before an event on a farm outside Fort Madison, Iowa. The Clinton event was hosted by Iowa State Sen. Gene Fraise.

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Cheering the efforts of Fox News is not something I find myself doing often.

Today around 1:28, they reported a story with the specific name of a Clinton Campaign operative trying and failing to plant a question back in March. When the Campaign was unable to make the plant, Sentator Clinton declined to take any questions at the event in question.

I don’t like being caustic. However, anyone who supports Clinton deserves exactly what they get, unless I suppose she ends up running against Rudy, where one can argue she is the lesser of two evils.


Update 10/31/07

Why this matters (to some people)

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Re: [911TruthAction] 9/11 Video Fakery Prison Planet
What is left to believe in if I can’t trust Prison Planet? What
site can I go to for real inside honest info that is not controlled by
the enemy? Rense? Rumor Mill News?Any suggestions?
TV fakery is
completely banned at the Prison Planet forum. How can that be? Don’t
those nice people want to be informed?
Poor me, I need a new messiah.
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Update 10/30/07

Joseph Cannon adds to the idiocy.

Breakthroughs on the coke jet story

Adnan Khashoggi is the individual who owns Genesis Communications Network, famous for hosting such heavyweight radio personalities as Alex Jones, self proclaimed “Grandfather of the 9/11 Truth Movement,” and Jeff Rense.


Nico Haupt’s work is so shoddy here (as shown below) that it becomes unconsciouable:


This video should be debunked (on both sides).

Yes, AJ is missing key details of 9/11. (The contention that Adnan Khashoggi owns Alex/GCN is not proven. Reporting such is either extremely sloppy or it’s disinfo).

Yes, this video tries to make some “no planer” points that don’t prove the contention, and may be disinfo.

There are Khashoggi connections to 9/11 Truthers as described here:

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A John Gray Dossier

Brian Salter, 9 September 2004

29 September 2004:

More information continues to circulate among 9/11 researchers
who have been following the John Gray – Ramy el Batrawi – Adnan
Khashoggi connection. The following two articles are examples of
more direct proof from mainstream media sources of the el Batrawi
– Khashoggi partnership extending back years before the Genesis
Intermedia affair. Even more alarmingly, the events in question
involve a company funded by el Batrawi and Khashoggi which was caught
engaging in illegal arms shipments to Iran. (note that the first
article uses an alternate spelling, Ramy El Batrawi = Remy Al Batswani).

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[From Google Reader] Eric Boehlert: Why is Woodward Still Spinning the Ford Pardon?

Update 10/29/07

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Ford’s Secrets Revealed in New Book

WASHINGTON (Oct. 29) — Former President Gerald Ford suggested to a reporter in 2004 that Vice President Dick Cheney should be dumped from the Republican ticket, according to a new book to be published Tuesday.
Ford preferred former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani because he feared Cheney had become a “liability” to President Bush , according to the book’s author.
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Update 6/11/07

The Real History of Gerald Ford, Watergate, and the CIA

World War II had just ended, successfully. In fact, it was the last successful (large-scale) war the United States has ever waged, and no small portion of that was due to the actions of the officers of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), led by William “Wild Bill” Donovan. The US’s first formally-constituted covert action unit was staffed by so many sons and daughters of the establishment that OSS was said to stand for “Oh So Social.”

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Perhaps no major media figure has played a bigger role in rehabilitating Gerald Ford’s image by polishing the pardon and turning it into a sweeping, heroic act than The Washington Post’s best-selling author, Bob Woodward. The problem though, is that Woodward isn’t always honest about the pardon that he insists was so “gutsy.” Which raises the question, why is Woodward so eager to create not only an aura of goodwill around the former Republican president, but an aura of heroic independence? Read the full Media Matters column here. …


Judge Who Helps Cover Up 9/11 Truth to be Nominated for AG

Update 9/19

Michael Mukasey

This Judge supports the “Patriot Act” and also did not force the government to try Padilla in a court of law. This is a terrible appointment.
Raising money for *settlements* is disturbing. It is one thing to be pro-Israel, it is another thing to tolerate the settlements, but to PROMOTE settlements by raising money. That is too right wing for even many Israelis.
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Update 9/18

The New AG Appointment and the WTC

In introducing his new pick for Attorney General, Judge Michael Mukasey, President Bush put great emphasis on Mukasey’s performance during a crucial criminal case: the trial of the “blind sheikh” found responsible for the bombing of a New York landmark in 1993. The target, of course, was the World Trade Center, and prominent mention of that case brings up a nagging question: why was that attack on the WTC treated, successfully (to hear President Bush tell it), as a criminal matter, while the 2001 attack was treated as a casus belli–not one war, but two? A British author published an opinion column over the weekend that raised the question anew, but it’s a question that has been pushed to the margins of our political discourse: to question the very necessity for a “war on terror” at this point in time is now regarded as kooky.

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Bush Nominates 9-11 Zionist Judge as Attorney General

It is widely reported that President George W. Bush will nominate former Manhattan federal Judge Michael [Bernard] Mukasey to replace Alberto Gonzales as attorney general.

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Harry Reids Sucks:

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Reid: ‘I’m glad Bush listened to Congress’

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) gave a tentative thumbs-up to President Bush’s pick of federal judge Michael Mukasey for attorney general.

“I’m glad President Bush listened to Congress and put aside his plan to replace Alberto Gonzales with another partisan administration insider,” Reid said in response to the nomination.

The White House on Monday touted Mukasey’s “fresh perspective” and “non-political background.”

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Picking Mukasey as AG should help the GOP and Rudy and should scare civil libertarians.

The selection of terror-case judge Michael Mukasey, a pal of Rudy Giuliani‘s, as the next AG broadly hints at the GOP’s strategy for next year’s elections: Terror 24-7.

Mukasey’s close ties to Rudy make him a simply fabulous choice as attorney general. He’s practically a running mate for Giuliani during the next year of campaigning.

What about Mukasey and the rest of us? For the next year as lame-duck AG, Mukasey, who presided over the trial of the World Trade Center’s 1993 bombers, will be a constant and sympathetic/heroic reminder of the “war on terror.” Maybe that will stoke enough fear in us that we’ll forget the war of terror we’ve created in Iraq.

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Ex-Judge Is Said to Be Pick At Justice

Democrats Likely To Accept Him as Attorney General

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9/16/07 8:58 pm

Huffington Post adds little:

WASHINGTON — President Bush has settled on Michael B. Mukasey, a retired federal judge from New York, to replace Alberto Gonzales as attorney general and will announce his selection Monday, a person familiar with the president’s decision said Sunday evening.

Mukasey, who has handled terrorist cases in the U.S. legal system for more than a decade, would become the nation’s top law enforcement officer if confirmed by the Senate. Mukasey has the support of some key Democrats, and it appeared Bush was trying to avoid a bruising confirmation battle.

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This shows why Glenn Greenwald is sometimes not much help.


09.16.07 — 8:35PM

By Josh Marshall

If the Bush(Cheney) White House is willing to put Judge Michael Mukasey between them and a clutch of felony indictments I come into the discussion more than a little skeptical of the guy. But Glenn Greenwald notes that as Chief Judge for the Southern District of New York, the very conservative Mukasey repeatedly sided with the rule of law over the Bush White House in the Padilla case. Worth a read.

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A Democratic Party aide said Mukasey may have an easier time winning Senate confirmation than some others who had been mentioned, including Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff.

Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, who led the drive to force Gonzales out, mentioned Mukasey in March as a possible and acceptable replacement for the attorney general, describing him as among those “conservative Republicans” who “put the rule of law first” and was above partisan politics.

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Democratic Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said, “I know the name (Mukasey), but I don’t know anything about him.”

However, if Mukasey can convince him that as attorney general he would be the nation’s lawyer, not the president’s, “I could support him,” Biden said on “Fox News Sunday.”

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Mr. Mukasey would bring a familiarity with legal issues surrounding terrorism. In 1993, he presided over the prosecution of Omar Abdel Rahman, the so-called Blind Sheik, whom he sentenced to life in prison for his role in a plot to blow up New York landmarks and tunnels. In 2003, as chief judge, he ruled that Jose Padilla was an enemy combatant but entitled to access to his lawyers.

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Moreover, “both Mukasey and his son, Marc, are connected with Rudolph W. Giuliani’s presidential campaign, as members of the Republican candidate’s justice advisory committee.” A Republican source tells the Post, “conservatives might have some serious concerns with Mukasey.”

UPDATE I: In 2005 the Alliance for Justice named Mukasey one of four Judges who, “if chosen for the Supreme Court, would show the president’s commitment to nominating people who could be supported by both Democrats and Republicans.”

UPDATE II: Mukasey recently penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal where he argued that “terror trials hurt the nation even when they lead to convictions.”

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President Bush has settled on retired federal judge Michael B. Mukasey to replace Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General, two sources familiar with the decision said Sunday.

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Michael Mukasey to be Attorney General…

The most contentious fights over the next year are likely to be on war-on-terror issues. And as Andrew McCarthy (no liberal softy on such matters!) explained on National Review Online, Mukasey is first-rate on these: “He deftly handled the enemy-combatant detention of Jose Padilla (recently convicted of terrorism crimes), forcefully endorsing the executive branch’s wartime power to protect the United States from an al Qaeda operative dispatched to our homeland to conduct mass-murder attacks, but vindicating the American citizen’s constitutional rights to counsel and to challenge his detention without trial through habeas corpus.” Judging also by what Mukasey has written and said outside the courtroom about the Patriot Act and related matters, we can be confident he’ll be effective at making the case before Congress and the public for tough legislation and sound policies on national security issues.

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Ex-N.Y. judge to be tapped as AG? – Politics – “Mukasey”

Blogger Thoughts: It makes perfect sense…..

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A dispute over whether as much as $525 million in insurance proceeds has been jeopardized by an agreement reordering ownership rights at the reconstructed World Trade Center site must be decided in state court, a federal judge ruled last week.

In Port Authority of New York and New Jersey v. Allianz Insurance Co., , Southern District Judge Michael B. Mukasey rebuffed a bid by seven insurance companies to remove to federal court a state lawsuit brought by the Port Authority and developer Larry A. Silverstein seeking a ruling that the new ownership arrangement does not affect the insurers’ payment obligations.

The dispute stems from the decision of the Port Authority to take back from Silverstein ownership of the $2 billion Freedom Tower, which will be the centerpiece of the new trade center.

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