Christina Page Got It Wrong

Ron Paul does not oppose legalized contraception.

If you said “sex,” you were close. The answer is “use contraception.” In recent weeks, the GOP candidates have been asked a lot about their views on abortion but not one has been asked his position on contraception (or even prevention in general). Really big oversight. Maybe its because everyone just assumes they all support contraception. After all, who doesn’t?

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Advertisements » Blog Archive » G4’s Layla Kayleigh interviews Ron Paul » Blog Archive » G4’s Layla Kayleigh interviews Ron Paul: “G4’s Layla Kayleigh interviews Ron Paul Dandelion Salad December 4, 2007 G4’s own Queen of TheFeed, Layla Kayleigh, secured an exclusive interview with presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, and we have the video of the event. Watch as Layla discusses some of the pertinent issues of the day, like the Internet, Social Security, Iraq, and whether or not you will be getting drafted and going to war. In the process, we get to know a man who is making a run at the highest office in the country. – Paul’s Supporters Clash With Media

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While Publishing the Criticism of RedState,

the NY Times body slams Ron Paul supporters.

A Ban on Ron Paul Supporters

Of course, there was bound to be reaction among the Paulites. And not all of it printable here. At PeachPundit, there’s a sampling of the more offensive write-ins — we’d advise adult-only eyes take a gander to understand why some may be weary of being blasted.

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