What’s Better Than A Bunch of Misguided Honest Citizens Trying to Find Their Way? (Updated)

Naomi Wolf

Updated 12/11/07
Wolf is really weak on understanding 9/11 and who had to be behind it.

Naomi Wolf, Nutbar

She sounds like somebody who just saw Loose Change last night. “Two days after 9-11 I was reading they’re shipping the molten metal out to China?”

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Updated 11/30/07


If you are the World Elite (or perhaps what Bill Moyers called the US Secret Govt. in the late 1980’s), and it’s obvious that the “US Emporer Has No Clothes”, it’s time to counter the exposure of an old false flags op (9/11) with new false flags op (the idea that there is an honest opposition).

Naomi Wolf appears on the Alex Jones Show on 11/28. Ms. Wolf acts goofy, fawns in front of Alex, gushes, and offers the same kind of “mass movement” as a solution that “Moveon.org” has brought us.

Is there any doubt that most Americans are as stupid as Alex, Noami, and the “fake left” play us for?

Don’t believe me? Watch this spot. (details to come).
(My apologies to highlighting blogger Justin)


In the pic found at the link above, one can note that the cleavage factor suits Ms. Wolf quite a bit better that it does Queen Hillary.

David Fenton

David Fenton
David Fenton has turned leftist activism into big business with his firm Fenton Communications, the single most easily identifiable nexus of anti-consumer activism in Washington, DC. Fenton and his staff masterminded the mad cow scare campaign, the organic marketing craze, the phony Alar-on-apples food scare, and more. He’s very good at what he does, and groups like the Center for Food Safety, Greenpeace, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Organic Consumers Association, and SeaWeb are all happy to pony up big bucks to give their radical messages the Fenton touch

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Naomi Wolf is on Alex`s show today.She was floored to hear him speak about Smedley Butler and the Prescott Bush connection to the nazis….hahahahaha

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I swear, I still am thinking shes a gatekeeper.. Something in her voice was making me think she was acting when Alex first mentioned Prescott Bush.
Her whole interview really.
We will know when she starts running around with her hair on fire, or she goes quiet.
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