Plane Used by CIA for Rendition Flights Crashes in Yucatan Filled with Cocaine

via Articles on 11/26/07

CIA Cocaine Plane

On the evening of Sept 24, 2007, a private Gulfstream jet filled with cocaine crashed in Yucatan Mexico. No bodies were discovered at the crash site, but over a hundred military style duffle bags containing several tons of cocaine were pulled from the wreckage. This particular aircraft, N987SA, has a long history of being used by the CIA for Special Rendition flights. It has logged thousands of miles between DC, Connecticut and Guantanimo Bay and to suspected “black sites” in Europe.

Was the plane still being used by the CIA when it crashed?

Records show that the plane changed hands in the weeks shortly before it crashed. The new operator of the Gulfstream is Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc. of Coconut Creek, Florida. Its address, according to the Florida Division of Corporations, is 4811 Lyons Technology, Coconut Creek, Florida 33073. Daniel Hopsicker reports that when he attempted to visit Donna Blue he discovered it is a phony front company with empty offices and unmarked squad cars in the parking lot. It also happens to be located at one of the airports where 9/11 patsie Mohammed Atta was trained. According to Hopsicker, it is a standard trick of drug traffickers when a plane is going on an illegal operation to fill out a bogus bill of sale for the plane. If the mission is successful, the bill of sale can be torn-up, but if the plane is intercepted, the bogus sale can be registered with the FAA up to 30 days retroactively. That appears to be what happened in this case.

Could the CIA be involved in drug smuggling?

The CIA has a long and storied history of drug-running. Reporter Gary Webb detailed, in the Mercury News in the early 1990s, how the CIA supplied much of the cocaine that fueled the crack epidemic of the 1980s. Webb paid for that reporting with his life.

Among the many cases of proven CIA involvement in drug running, the Iran-Contra investigation revealed that Oliver North’s notebooks contained numerous references to drug trafficking. For example, one entry dated July 12, 1985, “14M to finance came from drugs.”

In Afghanistan when the CIA was cooperating with the Mujahadeen (Al Qaeda), opium cultivation and processing was largely controlled by the Northern Alliance. The Taliban took control and eradicated the opium crop in 2000. The US invasion restored the druglords to power and an increase in heroin production quickly followed. In recent years the opium crop has reached record levels.

Before that, during the Viet Nam conflict, the CIA was involved in heroin smuggling from southeast Asia; perportedly in the bodybags of dead US soldiers. The fact is, drug running is a tradition among the elite families who control the CIA; a tradition that dates back to a time long before the CIA was even created. Yale University, the favorite recruiting ground of the CIA, was established with wealth drawn from opium smuggling, the “China Trade” as it was euphemistically called.

Yale Skull & Bones; co-founder William H. Russell and cousin Samuel Russell formally established Russell & Co. on January 1, 1824 for the purpose of acquiring opium and smuggling it to China. By the 1830s the opium trade had become “the largest commerce of its time in any single commodity, anywhere in the world.” Many great family fortunes were built on the “China” trade. Delano, Forbes, Peabody, Morgan and many other great American fortunes got their start in the illegal drug trade. And make no mistake, it was illegal (at least in China) and the importance of keeping the trade illegal was openly acknowledged. A legal commodity would not be nearly as profitable.

The same is true today. One of the reasons efforts to legalize drugs gets so much resistance is in large part due to the huge profits that accrue precisely because they are prohibited. Because the CIA is essentially immune from drug law enforcement, the prohibition is in effect a competitive advantage for the CIA over its private enterprise competitors. The stiffer the penalties, the greater the advantage the CIA and other government players enjoy. So, like the “War on Terror”, the “War on Drugs” is waged because it serves the interest of the ruling class.

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