Hannity Can’t Handle Question About Giuliani’s Shag Fund

via News Hounds by Ellen on 12/2/07

Sean Hannity was obviously thrown when Alan Colmes brought up the brewing scandal over Rudolph Giuliani’s “Shag Fund” on a recent Hannity & Colmes. Predictably, it has not been a topic on the “fair and balanced” network’s prime time debate show. But Friday night (11/30/07), Colmes inserted the issue at the end of a discussion about the 2008 presidential campaign. At first, Hannity changed the subject to Sandy Berger, as if that had anything to do with the price of extramarital trysting, but a few moments later, Hannity became visibly agitated and started attacking Hillary Clinton, as though that were some kind of defense. Just another example of the bullyboy weaseling away when confronted with a challenge. With video.

At first, Hannity played it cool when Colmes brought up Giuliani’s questionable billing practices regarding security expenses for trips to the Hamptons where his extramarital gal pal resided. “Tell Sandy Berger,” Hannity said smugly if nonsensically.

But then Colmes commented to Republican strategist Kellyanne Conway, “I notice you looking to (Hannity) for aid and comfort. You know (Giuliani’s) got a problem.”

Hannity changed the subject again, this time to Hillary Clinton. “By the way, when is Hillary Clinton going to release her documents so we can have the same scrutiny of her, Alan?” (Of course, there has been NO scrutiny of Giuliani on Hannity & Colmes, coupled with relentless scrutiny of Hillary.) Then, perhaps realizing he was in a bit of a pickle despite his feint, Hannity’s voice rose with tension and his gestures became aggressively emphatic. “You should demand that she release her documents as First Lady…”

Poor widdle Hannity.

By the way, there’s an excellent analysis of the Giuliani matter at the Carpetbagger Report called Giuliani’s Top 10 “Shag Fund” Excuses – And Why They’re Wrong.

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