Will This Blow Over?

clipped from www.americablog.com

Looks like Rudy lied when he blamed NYPD for the very unusual billing practices

by Joe Sudbay (DC)
· 11/30/2007 05:27:00 PM ET

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A break from the hostage situation in NH to get an update on Rudy’s growing scandal.

This thing just keeps getting worse for Rudy as ABC’s The Blotter gets more information that contradicts the former Mayor. This has become a textbook campaign scandal. Now, we’re dealing with the lies and the cover-up of the original scandal about Rudy using taxpayer dollars to finance his extra-marital affair with Judith Nathan. Yesterday, Rudy tried to blame NYPD. NYPD’s chief says otherwise. Lies and cover-up:

Giuliani said Thursday the unusual billing practice was not intended to hide anything but instead to speed payment of American Express credit card bills.

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