The Final Nail in the Coffin for the Church and Murray Engine and More Proof…

via Humint Events Online by spooked on 11/26/07

A Boeing 767 engine is 94 inches in diameter AT MINIMUM. The engines actually can be up to 124 inches in diameter.

NIST actually tried to claim that the Church and Murray engine was in fact from a 767, with a diagram from their report:

Here, I have done simple measurements to show this engine fragment is CLEARLY FAR TOO SMALL TO BE FROM A 767:

Previously, I had calculated that the Church and Murray engine fragment is at most 32 inches wide.

Note, to be safe, I subtracted 10 inches from the 767 engine diameter of 94 inches, to account for the cowling– giving the 84 inch figure.

Further, even if you assume the Church and Murray engine fragment above has had some outer casing torn off, this can’t account for more than six inches of diameter– leaving us still 12 inches too narrow.

So surprise, surprise — NIST has lied.

More importantly, this proves, yet again, that the official 9/11 story is very wrong.

Final note, lots of people, such as Jon Carlson, have been claiming this engine is not from a 767 for a while. The problem I have had is that their “proof” always seemed difficult to discern, and Carlson in particular relied on the word of Karl Schwarz– who simply is not a very reliable 9/11 source.

Things you can do from here:


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