A7News: Syria ‘Likely’ to Attend Summit, Golan Heights on the Agenda

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Syria ‘Likely’ to Attend Summit, Golan Heights on the Agenda

Syria “almost certainly” will attend the Annapolis summit after the U.S. clarified it will place the Golan Heights on the agenda.

  1. Syria ‘Likely’ to Attend Summit, Golan Heights on the Agenda
  2. Friedmann to Propose Law Barring ‘Out of Bounds’ Court Decisions
  3. Olmert, 1994: Jerusalem, Hevron Under Full Israeli Sovereignty!
  4. Yaalon Says Politicians Know: To Be Coddled, Go Left
  5. IDF: Hamas May Detonate Tunnels to Pressure Israel During Talks
  6. Weekend Roundup: 2 Terrorists Eliminated, 31 Caught by IDF
  7. News Briefs

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1. Syria ‘Likely’ to Attend Summit, Golan Heights on the Agenda

by Gil Ronen and Hana Levi Julian

Syria has apparently changed its position over the weekend and will “almost certainly” send a representative to the Annapolis conference, since the U.S. has clarified that the status of the Golan Heights will be on the agenda. Syrian lawmaker Mohammed Habash made the announcement in an interview on Radio Sawa, an Arabic-language radio station funded by the U.S.

Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said he will be attending but added that he will not cooperate with “theatrics such as handshakes with Israeli leaders.” Al-Faisal spoke at an Arab League press conference in Cairo following the decision by the organizations’ members Friday to send high-level diplomatic representation to the summit.

“I am not hiding the Saudi position,” al-Faisal said. “We hesitated until now about participating. Had we not reached a pan-Arab agreement [on the matter], we would not have participated. But we shall not oppose an Arab consensus, and Saudi Arabia will march with its brothers on the path agreed upon.”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry expressed satisfaction with the Saudis’ decision to participate in the summit and said in a statement to reporters that Israel hopes this is just the beginning, and that Arab involvement in the peace process will grow.

Hamas: ‘A great shock’
Hamas spokesman Sami Abu-Zuhari said that the Arab League’s announcement was “a great shock for the Palestinians because it opens the door to normalized relations with the occupation [Israel] and will lead to greater escalation and aggression by Palestinians towards Israel.”

“The Palestinian nation had been waiting for an Arab consensus that would break the boycott,” the terror group’s spokesman said, in reference to the economic boycott Israel has adopted toward Gaza. Israel instituted some sanctions against Gaza in light of continued rocket attacks from Gaza on Jewish homes.

Ahmed Yousef, a senior member of the Hamas terror gang, threatened to make the rockets
Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said he will not cooperate with “theatrics such as handshakes with Israeli leaders.”
much deadlier by packing them with more explosive ordinance. “We can develop the rockets on short notice in order to create enough terror and fear and cause Israelis to live in pain that is no lesser than that which the Palestinians live in due to the incessant incursions into our cities and villages,” he claimed.

Diplomatic sources said that high-level representation of the Arab states at Annapolis was a true achievement for the U.S. administration. U.S. State Department spokesman Karl Duckworth said the Saudis decided to come because they believed that the Annapolis summit is going to be a serious and meaningful meeting.

According to Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, Syria will announce on Sunday whether or not it will attend the summit. Syria is not satisfied with the U.S. assurance that the matter of the Golan Heights will be on the agenda, and wants to know exactly how the subject will be discussed, says the report.

Lebanon, too, will be joining the conference. Lebanon’s Culture Minister and acting Foreign Minister, Tarek Mathri, left Lebanon Saturday night for Annapolis, Maryland.

Mathri said Lebanon’s participation is based on “the Arab consensus and the Arab peace initiative.” He added that he comes to the summit “without illusions,” and that Lebanon’s participation is intended “to emphasize Lebanon’s national rights, the Arabs’ rights and the rights of the Palestinian people.”

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas told reporters in Cairo he was happy with “the positive position” adopted by the Arab states regarding the summit. Annapolis, he said, “is a historic opportunity that we want to take advantage of, and we hope all of the Arabs go hand in hand and hold discussions not just on the Palestinian matters but also on the Syrian and Lebanese matters.”

Abdullah II of Jordan and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert spoke on the phone Saturday. Abdullah reportedly stressed what he saw as the opportunity Annapolis posed for beginning a clear and comprehensive negotiation process that will deal with all aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict and lead to the creation of a Palestinian state.

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2. Friedmann to Propose Law Barring ‘Out of Bounds’ Court Decisions

by Hana Levi Julian

Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann says the High Court is stepping outside its authority in certain issues and says he plans to propose legislation to remedy the situation.

Friedmann’s proposal would bar the court from interfering in decisions made by the Attorney General (AG) with regard to the legality of plea bargains.

The real target is the High Court’s deliberations on whether to approve the deal signed this summer by Attorney General Menachem Mazuz’s office and former President Moshe Katzav.

The agreement with Katzav, which must be approved by the court, would drop a rape charge and instead allow the former president to plead guilty to lesser sexual assault charges, enabling him to avoid a possible jail term.

Friedmann says he may also propose legislation to limit the court’s ability to adjudicate foreign policy, security decisions and fundamental budgetary policy.

“The court is dealing with issues it shouldn’t be dealing with,” Friedman told a Netanya College conference over the weekend at Neve Ilan.

“The idea that during a military operation, people should run to the court and ask it to halt [the operation] because they claim the commander isn’t attacking properly is a bit excessive,” he said.

Dr. Yitzchak Klein, director of the Israel Policy Center, told Israel National News that there are indeed certain matters that should be decided by the Ministry of Justice – but also that there are other issues that fall within the realm of legality as determined by the court.

“The most important [of Friedmann’s proposals]….. is a law that would prevent the courts—and in effect any legal authority, including Mr. Mazuz—to intervene in national security and foreign policy decisions. This law as written would also prevent interference in basic decisions of budgetary policy.”

Policy decisions such as whether the State of Israel should cut off power to Gaza as a means to responding to Kassam rocket attacks, said Klein, should be a security decision made by the government.

Such a decision should not be made by the Attorney General, who job it is to deal with legal issues as legislated by the Knesset rather than government policy, he said.

The issue of whether a plea bargain signed between the Attorney General and attorneys for former President Katzav, however, does rest with the court, said Klein, who underscored the need to separate the issues of policy from legal decisions made on the basis of laws already passed by the Knesset.

“The exercise of judgment by any state official in a matter touching on individual liberty must be subject to judicial review,” said Klein. “Nobody whatsoever should be allowed to exercise the power of impugning the honesty of an individual or putting him through the ordeal of a trial without appropriate checks and balances, which the courts must provide. We believe this initiative by Minister Friedman is wrong.”

The issue, said Klein, comes back to the separation of who should determine policy, and who should have jurisdiction over legal issues.

“Minister Friedman is right to defend the right of the people to determine, through its elected representatives, fundamental questions about how society is to be governed and how it is to be defended. These are political questions in which the courts properly have no say. He is wrong in proposing to give any appointed official the right to make decisions about people’s liberties without appropriate judicial checks and balances,” he added.

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3. Olmert, 1994: Jerusalem, Hevron Under Full Israeli Sovereignty!

by Hillel Fendel

In honor of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s participation in the Annapolis summit, the Hevron Jewish Community has released a video of a speech Olmert gave at a gathering for Hevron 13 years ago.

Olmert spoke then, just a year after the signing of the Oslo Agreement, of the need to stand together against those who offer to give away parts of the Land of Israel, “because those who say now that we should give away some parts and keep others, will in the end give away the others as well.”

Olmert apparently plans to promise to give away parts of Jerusalem and most of Judea and Samaria in the negotiations being launched at the summit.

A video clip of the speech (in Hebrew), delivered at the Binyanei HaUmah Convention Center in Jerusalem, can be viewed here. Excerpts:

“There are those who say that there are some parts of the Land of Israel that cannot be given up, and others that can. [They say] with the same light-headedness that they are willing to give up some. They will also propose, at some time in the future, giving up the others.

“I have come here this evening with my deputies from the Jerusalem municipality to say in the name of the large majority of the residents of Jerusalem that Hevron and Jerusalem are together in the struggle for the Land of Israel. Whoever fights for the integrity of Jerusalem and our sole sovereignty there, must also fight for Jewish Hevron under Israeli sovereignty.

“On the day that we decide – [pause] – not us; someone else decides – that Hevron is not ours, he is at the same time decreeing the beginning of concessions in Jerusalem. We must not allow anyone this option. We must not allow any government this chance.

“Together, Hevron and Jerusalem, the Land of Israel. We are not fighting here for geography, though that is something very important. We are not fighting here for territory, though that is something very important. We are fighting for history, faith, tradition, and the rights of our forefathers. We are fighting for the unbreakable bonds between the Nation of Israel and the Land of Israel, and between the past and the future for ourselves and for our children who will come after us in this land…”

Olmert then predicted that the days of the government then in power, headed by the late Yitzchak Rabin, were numbered. He said that those in power “should know that the result of all their great hopes and fancy ceremonies and great fantasies, will be nothing but piles of ruins of a lost way, of blurred conceptions, and lack of thought.”

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4. Yaalon Says Politicians Know: To Be Coddled, Go Left

by Hillel Fendel

Former IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Moshe Yaalon accuses the media of protecting politicians who adopt left-wing policies.

In an interview with Army Radio on Sunday morning, Yaalon said, “Politicians have learned that if they go towards steps such as disengagement, convergence [i.e., withdrawal from Judea and Samaria], and folding, then the central current of public dialogue – and I’m talking chiefly about the media – will raise them up.”

Yaalon was the Chief of Staff from 2002 until 2005. Then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his Defense Minister Sha’ul Mofaz did not extend Yaalon’s three-year term, in a departure from custom, and he concluded his term in June 2005, just 11 weeks before the expulsion/withdrawal from Jewish Gaza began. Yaalon had expressed some opposition to the plan.

“The phrase ‘to etrog a politician’ [meaning, to treat him very protectively, as one does with an etrog fruit during the Sukkot holiday] is not something I made up,” Yaalon said. “It was made up by a journalist [Amnon Abramovitch]. I call upon some of those who are thought to be leading journalists – and there is no small degree of corruption there [in the media] that, I feel, causes politicians to understand that if they want to be ‘etrog-ed’ and ‘forgiven’ in matters of substance and professional failures, it’s a good idea for them to take certain approaches.”

Without ever mentioning Prime Minister Olmert’s name, Yaalon said, “I definitely think we are now in a similar instance.”

Army Radio, in an attempt to be even-handed, quoted unnamed “senior diplomatic elements” who said, “There is only one problem with this theory, not to mention the paranoia of Yaalon. The Prime Minister presented, before the elections and the investigations, a daring and ambitious program based on leaving the territories, and was even elected on this platform. All attempts to cast doubt on his motives for the diplomatic process are doomed to fail.”

Police Push Off Announcement
Unlike the above “diplomatic elements,” the police have also linked their several ongoing criminal investigations of the Prime Minister with his diplomatic efforts. A few days ago, the police took the unusual step of announcing four days in advance that this Sunday [today] they would announce whether or not they recommend indicting Olmert regarding the Bank Leumi privatization scandal. The police did not explain why they felt it necessary to inform the public in advance – nor why they wished to announce their recommendations on the day Olmert leaves for an important international summit in Annapolis.

However, due to pressure from Olmert’s office and fears that the announcement would mar the Annapolis summit, the police stated on Saturday night that they would announce their recommendations this coming Thursday instead. Some pundits ventured that Olmert would not mind a “no indictment” recommendation on the eve of his departure for the U.S., and that therefore he must have received indications that the police recommendation was not in his favor.

More from the Yaalon Interview: “A State Won’t Solve Palestinian Corruption”
General Yaalon says that many Palestinians themselves feel that what they need now is not a state and not Jerusalem, but education and an end to corruption. “We should not talk about territorial concessions at all. What we have to talk about is developing businesses from the bottom up, and not giving more money to the rich Palestinians. Talking now about [giving them] Jerusalem will solve their problems? Will it change their corrupt culture, or their law and order? If they can’t solve these problems, then what are we doing talking with them?”

No Giving in to Terrorist Ransom Demands
The ex-Chief of Staff also said that the very idea of freeing terrorist prisoners for captured soldiers is a mistake: “We once declared that we would not give in to demands in exchange for hostages, and that’s what stopped these kidnappings. The fact that we keep on giving in to these kidnappings encourages more and more of them. I call upon the government not to give in any more, and to not open this matter for debate again.”

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5. IDF: Hamas May Detonate Tunnels to Pressure Israel During Talks

by Gil Ronen

The IDF is intensifying its operations against terror tunnels from Gaza to Israel, out of concern that terrorists may opt to use this weapon against Israel in order to derail the Annapolis summit. Bulldozers and other digging machinery are being used to try and locate the tunnels.

No tunnels have been uncovered in recent days, a military source told Ynet, but “a tunnel attack could end quite badly, and we are doing everything possible to prevent that.” Extensive searching for tunnels is being carried out in the Erez, Karni and Kerem-Shalom regions of Gaza.

IDF operating on ground and in air.
IDF Spokesman.

Ten tunnels ready for use?
At Netiv HaAsara, a Jewish community just north of Gaza, residents were asked to stay at home Thursday morning because of a suspected terrorist infiltration. IDF troops poured into the area while military helicopters hovered overhead. The scale of the military presence prompted the community’s security coordinator to say that “any Arab who tries to infiltrate the community is simply committing suicide.”

Senior IDF officers estimated several months ago that ten tunnels from Hamas-controlled Gaza into Israel had been dug by terrorists
“Any Arab who tries to infiltrate the community is simply committing suicide.”
, who were waiting for the right time to use them. The tunnels could be used for infiltrating into Israeli territory and carrying out terror attacks like the one in June 2006 in which two soldiers were killed and one was captured . They could also be packed with explosives and used against civilian or military targets.

Israel may pay the price for the Annapolis summit in Jewish blood, according to leading Middle East analyst Dr. Guy Bechor. “In the past two years, Hamas had no need for carrying out large scale suicide attacks against Israel, because there was no peace process to derail,” he explained in his latest article. Now the situation has changed, he said, and Moussa Abu Marzouk, one of Hamas’ leaders, warned explicitly Friday that terror activities would be escalated following Annapolis.

Other experts explain the terror attacks during diplomatic talks as a means by which to pressure the Jewish State into more concessions.

Arabs Want U.S. to Attack Iran
When there is no peace process, life in our region is stable, noted Bechor, but when there is talk of peace the terror attacks come back in full force.

Bechor added that Marzouk issued his threat from Damascus, Syria, the same Syria which was invited to Annapolis. Syria will attend Annapolis because the subject of the Golan Heights will be discussed there, he explained, but at the same time it will continue to host the summit’s enemies and act against it.

According to the expert, the reason the Arabs decided to come to Annapolis is their common fear of the Shiite Muslims, led by Iran, and political Islam, which threatens them. They know only the United States can save them from this threat and that they have to cooperate with the summit if they wish to see the U.S. attack Iran.

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6. Weekend Roundup: 2 Terrorists Eliminated, 31 Caught by IDF

by Hana Levi Julian

Over the weekend, IDF troops killed two terrorists in central Gaza, caught 20 in pre-1967 Israel and 11 in PA-controlled Judea and Samaria. They also picked up 596 PA illegals in pre-1967 Israel.

An IDF spokesman confirmed Sunday that two armed terrorists were shot and killed late Saturday night as they approached an army patrol in central Gaza.

One of the terrorists was a member of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization. His partner was a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) gang.

Border Police officers arrested 616 Palestinian Authority Arabs who were found in Israel-controlled areas without permits.

Twenty of those were wanted terrorists and were turned over to intelligence personnel for interrogation. The hundreds of others who were working in pre-1967 Israel without permits were returned to the PA-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria.

In addition, 21 Israelis were arrested on suspicion of transporting the illegals into pre-1967 Israel.

IDF soldiers also arrested 11 wanted terrorists Saturday night during a routine counter-terrorism sweep in the PA-controlled cities of Ramallah, Shechem and Kalkilya, as well as the villages of a-Ram and Mizrah a-Kabaliya. Soldiers also found and confiscated a gun during the arrests in Ramallah.

The terrorists were turned over to security personnel for interrogation.

Mortar Shells and Kassam Rocket Attacks, No Injuries or Damage
A number of Kassam rockets and mortar shells were fired by Gaza terrorists at the western Negev over the weekend.

Three Kassam rockets were launched before 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning, according to an IDF spokesman. The rockets landed harmlessly in the western Negev and there were no reports of damage or injuries.

Over the Sabbath and Saturday night, three Kassam rockets and 11 mortar shells were fired at Israel, mostly from northern Gaza.

All exploded in open fields in the western Negev, hurting no one and damaging nothing. Each time a rocket is fired, thousands of Israeli civilians in the region flee for bomb shelters and protected areas.

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7. News Briefs

by IsraelNN Staff

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Sunday, Nov. 25 ’07
15 Kislev 5768

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