Kevin Barrett–front and center, please.

via Col. Jenny Sparks by Col. Jenny Sparks on 11/18/07

We’re overdue for a wee chat about your behavior, mate.

To be blunt, you’re making 911 Truth look bad. Let’s count the ways–in no particular order:

  1. sending journalists not so subtle threats implying they could face hanging one day:
  2. there is your site, MUJCA , which features
  3. a article by Leland Lehrman, who apparently not only supports the KW hoax, but thinks the Protocols of Zion are a historical document.
  4. this article links to Tarpley’s cointelpro alert at, the very alert that was the final straw to getting Tarpley the sack from the 911Truth Movement, if you recall.
  5. Going on record in Fetzer’s Op-ed article saying you’ll take TV-fakery more seriously now.
  6. The Madison Conference, where you cheerfully worked with a group including the disinfo who’s who of the Truth movement, including Judy “dustification” Woods(and no, we don’t care what her other Internet handles may or may not be).
  7. singling out individual journalists and accusing them of mass murder and high treason.
  8. endorsing Captain May’s psyop “nuke Portland” hysteria
  9. linking to this RENSE cartoon on your site–though you did remove that link–a month later( cheers, but it’s still too little, too late)
  10. and finally, conducting yourself in such a calculated, boneheaded way you guarantee that Screw Loose Change gets loads of material, here, here and here

And that’s the short list.

Why do you do it, Kev? If you’re really part of 9/11 Truth you’ve got to know by now rabbiting carelessly about the Jews and the Holocaust only gives the opposition ammunition, right? Do you like being a professional 3-D straw man for the Screw Loosers? Because that’s all you’re doing these days–as far as 9/11 Truth is concerned, you’re right dead useless.

So here’s where you’re at: you know what happened to Webster Tarpley. No one is above criticism. If I was in your boots, I would start behaving–as of NOW.

-No babbling about Jews/Holocaust or mixing it with 9/11 Truth
-No more interviews of members of the No-planes, TV-fakery crowd
-No more spreading unfounded hysteria about “imminent false flags”-ever
-No more threatening people with execution, unless you can make a court case against said individual for a specific crime, punishable by the death penalty. And if that’s the case, go to the DA.
-And stop mixing Rense shite with 9/11 Truth

I’ll even say “please”. Just this once.

If you are sincerely one of us and just aren’t a good communicator, then, for all of our sakes, stop reaching beyond your grasp. Because right now, you’re hurting, not helping.

If you’re not sincerely one of us–well, guess we’ll be due for anothe, less pleasant chat, soon.


Right–you can go now. Dismissed.

Things you can do from here:


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