Pentagon Columns Were Blasted with Pre-Planted Shaped Charges

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via StevenWarRan by stevenwarran on 11/11/07

The following official FEMA photographs make plain that shaped-charge explosives were used to bring down the tiny flap of Pentagon E-ring that fell on September 11th, 2001.

The most exciting topic I’ve found in quite some time is on the
www.letsrollforums, Topic #19427 by someone named Terral (named after the Oklahoma town, I wonder?) It is a timeline that while I can’t vouchsafe the details offhand, I can and do know Mr. Oklahoma is onto something real, revealing and ultimately revolting.

FEMA 4924



The whole “airplane tipped at an angle” bullshit only arose to cover this anomalous damage at column line 19, 20 and 21.

Look at the damage to the top of the 3rd-story column above where the men are working. And this isn’t column line 15–15-C is missing according to the diagram. This has to be column line 18. Why would the engineers mislabel the columns?


Look at the way Column 19-A is deflected outward and to the left. This is representative of a force working in the opposite direction of the putative aircraft path into the building.

This is the way the crime scene was cleansed in advance of the volunteer engineer’s arrival to study the event.



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