NSC Perception Warfare: The FOX 5 Fakes

Upon further review and consideration, this blogger is retracting the following words , which are in bold now, (were not in bold in the original).

I’m posting this video not as something I totally agree with. In fact, it is this video, posted by bsregistration at youtube, that has destroyed my confidence in his “work”.

The claim (which bsregistration makes) that the time shown (8:35 vs. 8:55) on the screen is hugely bogus.

On 9/11 (and with cover up activities after 9/11), I believe there was manipulation and “mistakes” were made. However, this contention that:

the clock was off (wrong) and that the fact of the wrong clock time helps prove TV Fakery

is a form of disinfo.

At the end of the day, there is “Perception Warfare” occurring, and bsregistration is working with the enemy.

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