Krugman Getting His Due

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Paul Krugman? Allow me to reintroduce you to Zoe

Paul Krugman writes:

It was not just the transition team and Clinton who lacked perception. This was when I first came to recognize part of the Village mindset that Digby eloquently excoriates at every opportunity. Only at the outset of the Clinton presidency, the Village was in lockstep with the Clintons’ cluelessness.

People I knew – mostly middle middle class working folks and retirees – were not discussing the nationalities nor immigration status of Baird’s employees. They were outraged that someone making half a million dollars was paying peanuts for childcare, off the books, evading taxes. And for that was being rewarded with an offer to be the nation’s top cop.

That’s when I realized that payscales had skewed upward for DC journalists, to the point that they, too, were no longer in touch with the struggles of two/thirds of the country, the working class and poor.

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