‘Foreign Affairs’ Savages Walt & Mearsheimer’s ‘Methodology’ and Misses the Point

clipped from www.philipweiss.org

Last night I went to a Hallowe’en party and met the mother of a Marine in Iraq. I pulled her into a corner to grill her about Middle East policy. She said the decision to invade was a great mistake, and that

U.S. support for Israel was a factor in that decision. I told her that on Charlie Rose the other night IAEA boss Muhammed ElBaradei said that “The Palestinian issue is a red flag of humiliation across the Muslim world.” The sooner we deal with the inequity the better. We must show Arabs that they “are part of the human family.”

These are the most important underdiscussed issues in U.S. policy in the Middle East. They loom over that mother’s life today as the Israel-centric neoconservatives push for a military strike against Iran, and as George Bush foolishly says that the U.S. stands for freedom, from Beirut to Baghdad to Tehran.
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