Larry Johnson Fails

… to talk about the truth of 9/11… not an intelligence failure… rather an Inside Job Psyop.

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One Reason for Intelligence Failures

More than six years since the terrorist attacks on 9-11 the intelligence community continues to employ a substandard analytical practice that virtually guarantees shoddy and inaccurate analysis. What am I talking about? An analyst within the CIA (or DIA or INR) who writes an article for the Presidential Daily Brief or other community wide daily intelligence brief is not currently required to coordinate with analysts outside of their organization. What’s so bad about that? The failure to coordinate and obtain the clearance of other analysts prevents policymakers from getting the best analysis and information available. Perhaps this helps explain the mess we encountered with the October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq.

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David Kurtz parrots the same nonsense:

What has caused the U.S. intelligence failures of this decade? Ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson knows one reason why.

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