A7News: Lieberman Outlines Yisrael Beiteinu’s ‘Red Lines’

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Lieberman Outlines Yisrael Beiteinu’s ‘Red Lines’

Yisrael Beiteinu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman announced Sunday his conditions for supporting a final-status agreement at Annapolis.

  1. Lieberman Outlines Yisrael Beiteinu’s ‘Red Lines’
  2. PA Arabs Burn Down Synagogue
  3. More Kassams, Lights Still on in Gaza
  4. ‘Olive Harvest’ Activists Caught Destroying Jewish Vineyards
  5. Olmert: ‘I Won’t Give in to Teachers’
  6. Showdown at Shechem: First Test for U.S.-Trained PA Security
  7. Israeli-Arab Leaders Warn Against National Service
  8. Police on Amona Trampling: ‘Horse Had Psychological Stress’
  9. Landfill-Turned-Park to be Named For Still-Living Ariel Sharon

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1. Lieberman Outlines Yisrael Beiteinu’s ‘Red Lines’

by Ezra HaLevi

Yisrael Beiteinu party Chairman and Minister of Stategic Affairs Avigdor Lieberman announced Sunday his conditions for supporting a final-status agreement at Annapolis.

Lieberman said his party would support a permanent agreement between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas only if it included the transfer of several Israeli-Arab villages to PA sovereignty, along with their residents. He also said that NATO must deploy in PA areas of a future state to ensure Israel’s security.

The principles are outlined in a document billed as the party’s “Red Lines.” The document makes official Yisrael Beiteinu’s willingness to divide Jerusalem along demographic lines, except for the areas surrounding the Old City. The “Holy Basin,” a term used to describe the heart of Jerusalem in recent talks of power-sharing agreements and the like is defined by Yisrael Beiteinu as stretching from Mount Scopus and the Mount of Olives to Silwan in the south and Sheikh Jarrah in the north.

Another red line is a PA-controlled route connecting Judea and Gaza – something Olmert has already agreed to in principle.

Yisrael Beiteinu’s least-highlighted, though most relevant, demand is that the US-backed Road Map’s requirement for a cessation of PA terrorism be implemented before any permanent agreement is even discussed. “Any attempt to force a diplomatic arrangement before a substantial drop in terrorist activities, particularly the Kassam rocket fire, and in a reality in which there is an unemployment rate of more than 80 percent on the Palestinian side – is destined to fail,” the document reads.

In an interview on Army Radio Sunday, Lieberman said that his party would leave the government if it became apparent that Olmert was even engaging in negotiations on additional key issues such as Jerusalem’s holy sites and even a symbolic return of Arabs who fled in 1948.

Lieberman said his exchange-of-territories plan would bring Israel to an 80 percent Jewish majority.

Responses to Yisrael Beiteinu Document
MK Aryeh Eldad (NU/NRP) said Lieberman “must take the public for fools,” saying that it is obvious to all that core issues are even now being discussed in preparation for Annapolis. “His [Cabinet] seat is simply more precious to him than his principles,” Eldad said, “and it is once again clear that his word does not mean a thing.”

Israeli-Arab MK Mohammed Barakeh (Hadash) said that Lieberman’s Red Lines document “Ends the negotiations before they even begin.”

Barakeh also attacked Lieberman as a person. “This man is a warmonger and a racist,” he said. “The Arab residents of Israel will never be looked at as temporary dwellers in their own homeland.”

MK Jamal Zahalka (Balad) dealt with the actual logistics of Lieberman’s proposed final-status deal. “We object to a Jerusalem-for-Um el-Fahm deal,” Zahalka said, referring to a major Israeli-Arab village in the Galilee that Lieberman wants to turn over to the PA.

Weiss: Um el-Fahm is Holy Land
Daniella Weiss, the head of the Kedumim regional council, spoke out last week against an article written by Rabbi Yisrael Rosenne that echoed much of what Yisrael Beiteinu is proposing. In his column in the “Shabbat B’Shabbato” pamphlet, Rabbi Rosenne said that he would be willing to give the Palestinian Authority control over the heavily Arab “Triangle” area including Um el-Fahm in exchange for Jewish areas in Judea and Samaria. Weiss said the rabbi’s call was “rooted in serious confusion.” Um el-Fahm is holy land, she said, “that is, temporarily, inhabited by non-Jews.”

“The fact that there is a large non-Jewish population in the land of Israel does not change the fact of Jewish sovereignty,” Weiss said, comparing the situation to that of the patriarch Avraham, who received the land when several non-Jewish tribes lived there. “If anyone wants to give away parts of the land,” she said, “that person must ask permission not only from today’s Jews, but also from future generations, because the land belongs to them as well.”

Maayana Miskin contributed to this report

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2. PA Arabs Burn Down Synagogue

by Hana Levi Julian

Jews arrived at the Yad Yair synagogue for morning prayers on Friday to the horrific site of Torah scrolls and holy books consumed in a blaze that destroyed the building.

It was the third time in the past 18 months that the synagogue, named in memory of terror victim Yair Mendelson, was burnt down by Arabs. Built more than ten years ago, the Jewish house of worship is located near the Binyamin region community of Dolev, northwest of the Palestinian Authority government seat of Ramallah, in Samaria.

The Arabs also defaced the memorial to Mendelson, who was murdered by Arabs at the beginning of the first intifada in the 1980’s. They also destroyed a children’s playground. A torn Israeli flag was placed under a pile of rocks on the approach road.

Most recently the synagogue was attacked last January, with many of the holy books and other sacred items burned, including the Torah scrolls. An adjoining building was also set on fire. Both buildings are located on privately-owned Jewish land.

Three months prior, the synagogue was desecrated by vandals who broke into the building and destroyed its sacred contents. The Binyamin Regional Council suspects Palestinian Authority Arabs have carried out the attacks.

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3. More Kassams, Lights Still on in Gaza

by Ezra HaLevi

Arab terrorists in northern Gaza fired five Kassam rockets Friday night into Sderot and Ashkelon as Jewish families came home from synagogues and sat down for their Sabbath meals. One rocket scored a direct hit on a factory in the Ashkelon industrial zone causing extensive damage. No injuries were reported.

At the sound of the advance alert system, western Negev Israelis ducked, took cover, and scrambled for their reinforced room or the many concrete bunkers that have been placed throughout the once-quaint town’s streets.

After seven years of shelling from Gaza, Israel is now considering a response: to turn off the electricity to Gaza for two-hour increments following rocket attacks.

At a Friday-afternoon meeting between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, the latter condemned shutting off electricity following rocket attacks. Abbas called the move “collective punishment.”

A short time later, the barrage of rockets from Gaza began. The electricity stayed on.

Dep. Defense Minister Changes His Tune
Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai (Labor), who outlined the proposal of cutting power to Gaza, significantly modified his description of the new policy in an interview on Saturday. Vilnai said the decision to cut electricity periodically is aimed at “continuing and completing the disengagement from Gaza,” – using the term coined by Ariel Sharon for Israel’s withdrawal of the army and eviction of 9,000 Jewish residents from the region.

Vilnai, facing accusations from within his party and from leftist groups like Peace Now (see below) that the move is too hawkish, now says that it is not a case of collective punishment, but a step toward encouraging Gazan independence. “I know that the move will not prevent rocket fire,” Vilnai said. He explained that the move is simply the reduction of fuel exports into Gaza and the scaling back of electricity very gradually to allow Gaza to begin producing its own electricity or directing more in from Egypt. Vilnai said the power outages would begin Sunday or Monday.

Peace Now: Don’t Cut Off Gaza Power
The Peace Now leftist organization demanded over the weekend from Defense Minister Ehud Barak that he rescind the authorization he gave last week to begin cutting off power to Gaza after Kassam attacks. “We believe this to be an illegal, immoral act of collective punishment,” the group said in a letter to Barak.

In addition, the group said, cutting off electricity will not halt the firing of Kassams, but instead raise the level of hatred of Israel among Gaza Arabs and give them even more incentive to fire rockets.

Shooting Attack in Shomron
Terrorists opened fire on a Jewish driver on Saturday night near the village of A-Zawiya in Samaria. The driver was not wounded in the attack, and managed to reach a nearby checkpoint and report the incident.

Shooting attacks have become increasingly frequent in Judea and Samaria, where Israel is removing checkpoints and pardoning terrorists as political “gestures” to the Palestinian Authority. A shooting attack last week badly wounded a young soldier and lightly wounded a second victim.

Women and Child Killed When Terrorist Bomb Detonates Early
A southern Gaza home was blown up in what PA reports are calling a “work accident” – a euphemism for an explosion caused by the early detonation of a bomb intended for Israelis. At least two Arab women and a four-year-old girl were killed in the blast, which took place in Khan Younis, adjacent to the former site of the Jewish town of N’vei Dekalim. Two other children were wounded in the blast, which caused the front of the house to collapse and damaged a nearby home as well.

Hamas officials confirmed that explosives belonging to a local terrorist group had detonated prematurely. The IDF regularly finds explosives and bomb-making labs in private residences.

Counter-Terror Operations Friday
IDF forces hit seven terrorists during operations inside northern and southern Gaza on Friday.

Thursday night, two soldiers were lightly wounded in an operation in northern Gaza.

The IDF reports a marked increase in the use of anti-tank missiles by Gaza terrorists. The smuggling of weapons from Egypt to Gaza has been ongoing since the Kadima party-led government withdrew from the area in 2005. When Hamas took control of Gaza earlier this year, smuggling intensified and surfaced out into the open.

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4. ‘Olive Harvest’ Activists Caught Destroying Jewish Vineyards

by Ezra HaLevi

Jewish-owned vineyards in Samaria were once again destroyed by leftist “humanitarian groups” Friday. This time some were caught in the act and arrested.

Shortly after residents of Dolev, located north of Jerusalem, discovered Friday that a local synagogue had been burned to the ground overnight, they saw that 3,000 plants in nearby vineyards had been destroyed. This is the third case of major agricultural vandalism in the region in recent months.

Vines were torn from the ground, and expensive irrigation equipment was damaged. The Jewish locals saw a group of foreign activists and Arabs heading toward an additional Jewish agricultural plot and alerted the police and IDF. The group fled, but three female activists from the United Kingdom were slower and were caught by police.

Destruction Under Guise of Humanitarian Assistance
Residents say the vandalism occurred under cover of the much-publicized PA Arab olive harvest. Local Arabs, joined by leftists – many foreign nationals – focus their harvest activities on trees abutting Jewish communities. This year, the IDF has been tasked with ensuring that Jewish residents do not leave their communities while the harvest activities are going on, citing fears of clashes. Two administrative orders have distanced two Jewish residents from all of Judea and Samaria for the duration of the harvest.

Adi Mintz, an area resident and member of the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria (Yesha) who is running for mayor of the region, said that the Yesha’s Jewish residents have now received “a clear warning sign. Today it is synagogues and vineyards that are destroyed – tomorrow it will be the lives of human beings. The army must send in more forces to defend the residents of this area,” he said.

The owner of the destroyed vineyard, Shlomi Cohen, said the attack had caused NIS 60,000 of direct damage and would cost him an additional NIS 120,000 in lost produce. The damage was particularly severe because the attack took place during the shemittah (sabbatical) year, when Jews are forbidden to work the land.

British ‘Peace Activists’ Responsible
The three British women who were apprehended by police are accused of responsibility for the destruction Friday. Police also have evidence, however, that the women were part of the group that destroyed farm equipment in the nearby town of Neria in an earlier incident as well.

The women are activists with the International Solidarity Movement, a militantly anti-Zionist group that seeks to enable provocative actions against the IDF and Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, under the assumption that their foreign citizenship will raise the threshold on the response of security forces. The lines between ISM and local terrorist groups are quite blurry. In the past, British terrorists even carried out a suicide bombing after being embedded in an ISM cell.

Most of the vandals also take part in clashes with the IDF near the Arab village of Bilin. The militants were recently handed a victory by the Supreme Court, which ordered the IDF to move the security fence in the area of the weekly protests.

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5. Olmert: ‘I Won’t Give in to Teachers’

by Hillel Fendel

With the high school teachers strike 19 days old, pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to get personally involved.

The chairman of the Teachers Union and leader of the strike, Ran Erez, has called on Olmert to meet with teachers’ representatives for the first time since the strike began on Oct. 10. “Only the Prime Minister himself can save the country’s educational system from total collapse,” Erez said. “With round-the-clock top-level negotiations, we can reach an agreement in 48 hours.”

Olmert does not appear ready to take up the gauntlet. “I do not intend to surrender to the demands of the Teachers Union,” he said at the beginning of Sunday’s Cabinet meeting. “I have full confidence in the Education Minister [Yuli Tamir], and I do not intend to call off the reforms already decided upon between the Finance and Education Ministries and the Histadrut Teachers Association.

The reference was to the other teachers union, the larger of the two, with which an agreement was reached several months ago.

Teachers Will Quit Rather than Return to Work
Finance Minister Roni Bar-On and Education Minister Tamir met this morning, and said they were considering petitioning the Labor Court to issue back-to-work orders. The teachers have prepared for this option, and 1,000 of them have signed letters of resignation, which they will submit in the event that such orders are issued.

Transportation Minister Sha’ul Mofaz took the teachers’ side this morning, expressing his opposition to back-to-work orders. “You can’t force teachers to teach, and education is not done by force,” he said. Mofaz called upon Bar-On and Tamir to explain the root of the dispute. “It’s not clear exactly what the argument is all about,” he said.

Dozens of teachers and parents from Gush Etzion and Efrat held a protest vigil at the Gush Etzion junction Sunday morning, holding signs reading, “Cheap education is expensive!” Another several dozen protested outside the President’s Residence in Jerusalem, calling on President Shimon Peres to intervene on their behalf. One teacher said he has an M.A., and that after three years of teaching, his gross monthly salary is only 4,900 shekels.

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6. Showdown at Shechem: First Test for U.S.-Trained PA Security

by Hana Levi Julian

Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) has chosen the PA-controlled Samarian city of Shechem to prove his security forces can restrain terrorism.

PA security forces plan to take control of the city at the beginning of November, when 500 officers will join Shechem’s existing PA force. Only PA personnel will be allowed to walk the streets with weapons, according to PA sources.

The city, known as the “terrorist capital of Israel,” has been the scene of countless counter-terrorism operations by IDF soldiers. Fugitives and other terrorists have been arrested and weapons caches and bomb factories are discovered almost daily in Shechem, as well as in nearby Jenin, which shares the “terrorist capital” title.

U.S. Middle East envoy Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton has been training the PA security forces, backed by equipment purchased with American dollars. Dayton toured the city Thursday and encouraged Abbas, saying “This is where the Palestinian state will have its first real test.” He added that proving the PA’s ability to maintain security would show Abbas “is serious about law and order.”

Israel is not confident that Abbas will be able to manage the task, however, regardless of what his intentions might be. Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev commented that “The Palestinian leadership today is not capable of implementing its obligations to rein in these [terrorist] groups.”

The Associated Press (AP) reported that a Fatah terrorist who had handed in his weapon as part of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s amnesty program still teaches his six-year-old son how to shoot an M-16 semi-automatic rifle.

Mehdi Abu Ghazleh, of the Fatah-sponsored Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades, told the AP that 200 of its members kept other weapons while handing over one weapon each as part of Israel’s amnesty program several months ago.

PA Plans to Blame Israel If Security Forces Fail
The PA has already charged that Israel is preventing it from controlling terror in the area. PA officials also allege that 90 percent of the 3,000 police officers who are to be deployed do not have rifles with which to carry out their assignments.

Jamal Muheisen, responsible for administering the Shechem district, said that Israel’s counter-terrorist activities in the area have made it difficult to disarm Fatah operatives.

Fatah gunmen seriously wounded an IDF soldier and lightly wounded a second person on Wednesday near the Samarian Jewish city of Ariel, several miles west of Shechem.

Rival Hamas terrorists pose a major problem for the PA as well. Referring to Hamas’s violent takeover of Gaza, spokesman Mushir a-Masri accused Abbas of having an “American Zionist agenda,” warning that “the Gaza scenario will be copied” in Judea and Samaria if the PA continues its crackdown.

Hamas terror leader Sheikh Maher Kharas told the AP “We can hide, or keep the weapons buried under the dirt for a while, but then we will rise again.”

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7. Israeli-Arab Leaders Warn Against National Service

by Ezra HaLevi

Israeli-Arab leaders Sheikh Ra’ad Salah and MK Jamal Zahalka held a rally Saturday threatening Arabs who agree to take part in any Israeli national service.

Recent proposals suggest that an infrastructure be set up to provide an alternative national service in place of military service for Israel’s Arabs. Currently many Bedouin and Druze Arabs serve in the IDF, but Muslim Arabs have never been required to serve.

A recent government initiative is seeking to gain volunteers from the hareidi-religious and Israeli-Arab populations, recruiting community leaders to encourage participation.

Sheikh Ra’ad Salah, who heads the radical northern branch of the Israeli-Arab Islamic Movement, called upon Israeli-Arabs Saturday to resist any attempts to offer any national service to the Jewish state. This call comes after a declaration earlier this year of an “Israeli-Arab Intifada” in response to construction near the Temple Mount.

“More than anything, I fear that national service will cause internal strife among Israeli Palestinians that could eventually destroy our community.” Salah said, comparing the move to the US Army’s enlistment of Iraqis to police their own people.

MK Jamal Zahalka of the Balad Party threatened Israeli-Arabs promising “anyone who volunteers for national service will be treated like a leper, and will be vomited out of Arab society.”

He warned that former PM Ariel Sharon had suggested mandatory national service for Israel’s Arabs and claimed that the current move, which is voluntary, is but a stepping stone toward the drafting of Israel’s Arabs. “They are trying to Israelize our youth,” he said.

The protest took place in Haifa and was organized by a new movement called Balanda – founded and funded by the radical Balad Party, whose chief, former MK Azmi Bishara, is a fugitive, fleeing Israel during an investigation into his assistance of Hizbullah during the Second Lebanon War.

According to reports, the number of Israeli-Arab volunteers for national service has doubled over the past year, but still remains less than 1,000.

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8. Police on Amona Trampling: ‘Horse Had Psychological Stress’

by Hana Levi Julian

Police Superintendent Peri Margalit testified Thursday there may have been extenuating circumstances to explain why mounted police officer David Edry trampled a protestor during the February 2006 beating and forcible eviction of Jews at the Amona community.

Edry is charged with deliberately attacking protestor Yehuda Etzion.

Margalit testified during Edry’s trial that although police horses rarely injure humans, “the horse was under intense psychological pressure” at the time.

Etzion was knocked down and bloodied by Edry’s horse (after apparently being struck by its hoof) during the violent evacuation of the protestors by thousands of YASAM (Special Riot Police) officers and other police officers, in a scene that was caught on video tape.

While Margalit focused on the behavior of the horse and not the officer, he nonetheless added that Edry should have succeeded in controlling the situation. Mounted officers must know how to stop horses or veer them away from potential victims, he said.

The Supreme Court handed down a decision in July barring Edry from keeping order at other demonstrations until the end of his trial. The ruling followed a complaint by the Yesha Organization for Human Rights. Justices expressed surprise that the State had not issued a similar order earlier.

A number of other ugly incidents of police brutality were caught on tape during the protest in which some 200 Amona residents and Jewish demonstrators were injured, several seriously. Among the wounded was Knesset Member Effie Eitam whose face was bloodied after he was struck in the head by a police baton and MK Ariel Eldad whose arm was broken by police.

Thousands of protestors and police officers clashed at the scene after the government decided to demolish nine stone structures in the budding community near Ofra, north of Jerusalem. The structures were subsequently destroyed.

New Visitors’ Center to Open on the Amona Hilltop
For Land of Israel faithful who were disillusioned by what they saw as a halfhearted struggle against the Disengagement from Gaza, the violent event at Amona has come to symbolize a more determined form of struggle against the expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria.

The community of Amona will inaugurate the “Mountains Settlement Visitors Center” this coming Tuesday, October 30. The festivities will take place from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For more information about the event, call +972-53-641-8643 or email aamona@gmail.com .

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9. Landfill-Turned-Park to be Named For Still-Living Ariel Sharon

by Ezra HaLevi

A new park around Israel’s largest garbage dump will be dedicated to still-living comatose ex-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Sunday.

The Hiriya Landfill, located between Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv is a mountain of garbage that was used from 1952 until 1998. The government is now planning on transforming the site and the area around it into one of the largest parks in the country.The Hiriya site stretches out along 112 acres and the garbage mountain itself is elevated around 200 feet.

“The restoration project will transform Hiriya from a waste landfill into a flourishing, green park which will attract thousands of visitors each year, providing leisure and recreational opportunities as well as pleasant walks along its paths,” organizers say.

“Today is the opening shot in the building of this incredible park,” said Danny Shternberg of the Ayalon Park Government Company. “We are proud to name it for former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who was an enthusiastic backer of the idea, advancing the park himself.” Shternberg declined to comment on the unorthodox nature of deciding to name a park after someone who is still living.

Aerial view of the mountain of garbage that will be transformed into the first stage of the park.

The park will contain within it sheltered areas (such as the Menachem Begin Park), open areas, forested regions, agricultural tracts and man-made lakes and streams.

Archeological sites will also be refurbished and put on display. The ancient city of B’nei Brak, spoken of in the Passover Haggadah, lay at the site and an Arab village named Hiriya was built atop its ruins until its residents fled in 1948. Emergency plans when Israel feared an Arab victory in the 1967 Six Day War called for mass graves to be dug in the area for the expected Jewish casualties.

The master plan for the Ariel Sharon Park

At the heart of the park, Shternberg says, will be the refurbished Hiriya landfill. Once a symbol of Tel Aviv’s grimy underbelly, “it will now become a green area open to the public and symbolize the potential of recycling.” A huge recycling facility operates at the site today. Click here to read more about the ongoing efforts.

The landfill’s various environmental hazards, such as the emission of bio-gas produced at the landfill and the leaching of waste into groundwater and rivers, are to be addressed in the design of the park. “The planning of the landfill restoration is intended to cause a reduction in the emission of pollutants and to prevent environmental dangers,” builders say. “The Hiriya landfill restoration will be, in any event, the first stage of the Ayalon Park Project, planned to be the largest park in the Dan Region and in the State of Israel.”

The project will cost an estimated $250 million.

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Sunday, Oct. 28 ’07
16 Cheshvan 5768

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Israel Charities
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Meir Panim
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Emek Medical Center
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Higher Education
Free MP3 Torah Audio
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Lessons in Tanya
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Enya Keshet Judaica
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Torahs, Tefillin, Mezuzot
Sales of Torah & megillah scrolls, tefillin and mezuzot from Israel
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Weather Forecast
Partly Cloudy.
Tomorrow: Partly Cloudy
Today Oct 29
T.A 25-19C 25-18C
Haifa 26-18C 26-18C
Jlm 23-15C 23-14C
HaGolan 25-15C 25-14C
B.Sheba 28-17C 28-17C
Hebron 22-14C 22-14C
Ariel 24-15C 24-15C
J.Valley 32-22C 32-21C
Galilee 22-14C 22-13C
Eilat 32-21C 32-19C
Weather Forecast

Halachic Times
Jlm. T.A.
A. shachar 04:39 04:41
Talit 05:06 05:08
Sunrise 05:51 05:53
Sof Shema 08:37 08:39
Sof Tfila 09:32 09:34
Chatzot 11:23 11:24
Mincha G. 11:53 11:54
Mincha K. 14:36 14:37
Sunset 16:59 16:55
Nightfall 17:12 17:13

Update: 26/10/2007
US Dollar 3.992 Ú
GB Sterling 8.2097 Ú
Yen (100) 3.4906 Ú
Euro 5.7363 Ú
Can $ 4.1549 Ú
Swiss Franc 3.4279 Ú

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