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Update 10/22
It’s not that Gore doesn’t understand.
His role isn’t to tell the truth.

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What Al Gore doesn’t understand about climate change.

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Making sense of Goldman Sachs, Al Gore, 9/11, and the charade of global warming hysteria.

Let me cut to the chase: The two clipped articles below point toward support of several of my core contentions, some of which I have found strong opposition toward, even on blogs which I would consider “9/11 Truth friendly”.

1. 9/11 was carried out for the benefit of an elite that extends into what some consider bastions of our capitalist bedrock.

2. The corrupt power structure that is manipulating events and outcomes behind the scenes has nothing to do with Capitalism (or Marxism, etc.).

3. Al Gore is serving this same aforementioned elite with his global warming hysteria.

4. Tony Blair was not G. W. Bush’s poodle. George Bush is the elite’s poodle. “W” plays a village idiot rather than being one.

5. The “liberals”, tree huggers, environmental activists, etc. who are bringing massive support to the Al Gore led “Inconvenient Truth” are walking in lock step with the behind-the-scenes plans to use this issue for fun, profit and further manipulation of the geopolitics and power throughout the world.

Please go to the links below and read carefully. Put 2+2 together.

Concern about carbon dioxide emissions lurk behind rejection of new coal-fired power plants

Investors have rejected coal-fired generation as well; Texas-based utility TXU found itself under new ownership after announcing plans to build as many as 11 new coal-fired power plants. Instead, a private consortium of investors, including investment bank Goldman Sachs and private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., purchased the power generation company and last week changed its name to Energy Future Holdings Corporation after withdrawing eight of the planned applications.

“I look forward to working with management and employees to demonstrate our commitment to being a leading corporate citizen, to implementing stronger environmental policies, and to providing reliable and affordable power,” Donald Evans, new chairman of Energy Future, said in a statement last week.

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It is interesting to note that the author of the following article seems clueless about what happened on 9/11 … seems to buy the govt. story. What a Chomsky!

He is railing against capitalism and imperialism, when what we are looking at, in the cases of 9/11, is cold blooded murder, facilitated by insiders, covered up at almost every level of our govt., media, and institutions, not the least of those being fake-opposition left.

9-11: The Illusion of a Historic Coup in the Course of Imperialism

The Fairmont Conference

“Tittytainment” is a term crafted by the Zbigniew Brzezinski and a portmanteau of two words: tits (as a reference to breast-feeding) and entertainment. This Tittytainment is a mixture of “intoxicating entertainment and sufficient nourishment” that can “tranquilize the frustrated minds of the globe’s population.”1

Former Secretary of Commerce Don Evans is the ex-CEO of Tom Brown Inc.

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