NY Times: No Mention of Skewed Nature of CPI

clipped from www.isil.org

According to official government statistics, the Consumer Price
Index (CPI) – the mostly widely used measure of inflation – is running a very low 2.2% a year.

But if inflation is so low, why is the price of everything you buy
going up so fast?

How do you reconcile 2% inflation with 10% to 20% annual increases in
housing prices . . . 25% to 40% increases in heating bills during the past winter . . .and
double-digit increases in the price of nearly everything you consume, from gasoline, to food, to movie

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clipped from www.nytimes.com

Inflation Steady in September

Inflation stayed steady in September, indicating that the Federal Reserve has room to cut interest rates again, but perhaps not this month.

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