False Hope and Untruth Spread at Daily Kos

clipped from www.dailykos.com

Big News: Pelosi takes a stand on Iran, Iraq, and FISA

On Iran, Iraq, and FISA, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has declared her intention to be the great leader we all have been hoping she would be. In separate interviews with ABC and Arianna Huffington, the Speaker has made definitive statements proving her intention to stand up to Bush and Cheney, and to shut down their dangerous and illegal policies.

On Iran, we’ve all been outraged by the asinine, but non-binding, Lieberman-Kyl resolution, in the Senate. Despite the removal of language that would have made the resolution an explicit authorization for Bush to use military force against Iran, it did dangerously label Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization. It was not the legislation Bush had wanted, but it did help him further catapult the propaganda against Iran. Speaker Pelosi will not play the same game.

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