Explosion a frightening resemblance to 9/11 – Newsday.com (Update)

Updata 10/17/07

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Utility: NYC May Be at Fault in Blast

NEW YORK (AP) — A utility provider facing multiple lawsuits over a deadly steam pipe explosion says the city may be to blame for the blast, according to a court filing.

A notice of claim filed by Consolidated Edison says the July 18 explosion, which left a woman dead of a heart attack and injured about 40 people, “may have been caused, in whole or in part, by acts or omissions of the city.”

Con Edison said city sewers, pipes and drains may have leaked cold water onto the hot steam pipe.

Filing a notice of claim is the first step toward a lawsuit. But Con Edison spokesman Michael Clendenin described Monday’s $25 million filing as “a routine procedural matter, necessary in the event the investigation determines that the city’s infrastructure contributed to the steam rupture.”

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Explosion a frightening resemblance to 9/11 – Newsday.com: “oe Hemrajani of Little Neck was on the 17th floor of his tailoring business on Lexington Avenue when he heard the roar of rocks and steam breaking free from the street below.

He looked out his window and saw a gaping hole, growing in size and spewing debris.

‘I screamed out my office, ‘Run, run, run!” he recalled.

Lights flickered in a building’s basement gym. Mud fell from the sky. Steam clouded the air. And then there was that rumbling – a loud, nerve-pinching rumble that would not quit.”


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