Phone Calls from "Passengers" on 9/11

Government Dramatically Changes Tom Burnett Phone Call Story from Flight 93

I only now found out that the official government position, from evidence presented at the Moussaoui trial, was that only two calls, of the multiple calls made from flight 93, were made by cell phone: CeeCee Lyles and Ed Felt, both from flight 93. I will discuss the Felt and Lyles calls in a future post. For now I want to mention the remarkable finding that the government says Tom Burnett never used a cell phone to call his wife. Further, they say he made only three calls to his wife, when previously it was well reported that he made FOUR phone calls to his wife.

Tom Burnett was sitting in first class. He called his wife four times during the course of the hijacking, at 9:27am, 9:34 am, 9:45am and 9:54am. Each time he got through and spoke to her.
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