Their Dishonesty is Startling

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Dean: Well, not all. What I found is that the core of the book explains about authoritarianism. Now, not all conservatives are authoritarians, but all authoritarians who score high on authoritarianism are conservative. And I found that indeed, many of them are without conscience, literally. They are amoral, they are Machiavellian, they are anti-democratic, and they’re scary.

Tavis: Those descriptions notwithstanding, what does that result in vis-à-vis public policy? When there are conservatives without conscience who are in Washington, those descriptions result in what kind of public policy?

Dean: Lovely transition question to this book. This is what this book explains, what they’ve done to the legislative branch when they were in control, what they’ve done to the executive branch while they’re in control, and what the influence they’ve had on really the non-political branch, making it political, the judiciary.

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