Lockerbie (Updated)

Update 10/12/07

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residing in Europe, I worked with ABC European Bureau Chief, Pierre
Salinger to track the source of the Pan Am bomb. The international
press had published abundant stories linking Syria, Iran and Libya to
the attack. In April 1992 TIME Magazine ran a cover story about
the bombing featuring my allegations and evidence gathered by many law
enforcement, intelligence investigators and journalists.
A year after the TIME cover story, Goddard’s book was published in
Hard cover edition.

Like me, LeWinter linked
Syrian, Iran, and Libyan elements to the bombing.

My true legal name was THOMAS LEAVY

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Lockerbie investigator disputes story

On Sept. 7, the agent who led the Lockerbie investigation for the FBI wrote to me and criticized the article on several grounds, but most importantly, he alleged that the Lumpert affidavit was a “total fabrication.”Richard Marquise led the U.S. task force that investigated the Lockerbie bombing. He has authored a book on the subject: Scotbom: Evidence and the Lockerbie Investigation. He wrote to me:
Lumpert’s new statement is a total fabrication. He was interviewed several times, including at a judicial hearing in Switzerland as well as the trial itself and he never wavered in his story. His statement that he gave a “stolen timer” to a Scottish officer in 1989 does not even fit the timeline since we had no idea about the origins of PT-35 at that time. We identified MeBo in the summer of 1990.
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