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Former Cheney ME Advisor Shrugs – Free Market News Network

Former Cheney ME Advisor Shrugs
Friday, October 05, 2007 – FreeMarketNews.com

One of the most controversial figures in American foreign policy over the past decade, David Wurmser has been accused of spying for Israel, plotting a war with Iran and peddling lies to engineer what he still refers to as “the American liberation of Iraq”. His desk in Room 298 of the Old Executive Office Building, where he worked for four years as Vice President Dick Cheney’s Middle East adviser, was seen as a centre of a grand conspiracy in which Mr Wurmser and other neoconservatives sought to subvert US policy. Speaking to The Daily Telegraph in his new office barely 200 yards away in an anonymous block that overlooks the White House, Mr Wurmser shrugged when asked about the neonconservative label that has become the premier term of abuse in Washington. “There’s nothing ‘neo’ about me,” he quipped. “I’m a very medieval sort of guy.” -Telegraph (Britain)

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