StevenWarRan: Kit Landis, Craig Ranke, Chris DeWolf, Jude Rothschadl, Alan Pakula, Loyde England, Webster Tarpley and me.

StevenWarRan: Kit Landis, Craig Ranke, Chris DeWolf, Jude Rothschadl, Alan Pakula, Loyde England, Webster Tarpley and me.

Yesterday was a very painful day for me. The experience of it started off in the early morning hours, (actually, I segued in from the night before,) as I was finishing off a blog about Judy “Jude” Rothschadl, and through the aegis of Google, I came upon an unfortunate coda to her story: the untimely and tragic accidental death of one of her colleagues, Chris DeWolf, in January of 2004.

The 41-year-old father of young children had skidded off the interstate highway in a snow storm while on his way to work as a fireman in Portsmouth New Hampshire. While the loss felt senseless (single-car accident on the morning of a workday for a trained first-responder in a snow state?) it was nothing to jump to any conclusions about, even though I felt sure DeWolf had arraigned for the unprecedented access at the Pentagon on 9-11, but I was left with a vague sense of unease.

By the end of the day (and I did give that day a proper ending,) I’d finished another blog about Loyde England. While not expecting praise, or reward, or kudos, or anything like that, I was a bit taken aback, when my single correspondent at present, a touchstone of sorts named Craig Ranke, dismissed my effort as off-base in two comments he appended to the blog.

He linked me to some of his previous research at In that thread, Craig had posted several documentary photographs from a marvelous resource he had acquired, a computer file of images taken by Jason Ingersoll, the marine corporal who was on-scene at the Pentagon early on September 11, and who took a series of well-known high-resolution images which have been a boon to research.

I don’t know the count of the Ingersoll images that have been previously released into the public record. I have one file with 62 but it is far from comprehensive. My great debt of gratitude to Ingersoll was in spotting what appears to be spent artillery shell casings littering the muddy foreground of the damaged Pentagon building in two images he took, DM-SD-02-03910, and DM-SD-02-03911




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