Just because I post this video doesn’t mean I endorse it fully.

I do agree that Jones’ Terrorstorm is deceiving. I do think that Jones is either:

a) A stupid Christian with hard core anti-abortion views and a blow hard, and incapable of paying close attention to technical and scientific details,


b) A “honey pot” to attract, mislead, and distract those who would otherwise make a ruskus, perhaps in effective ways.

Over the past few months, Alex has been attacked as a Jesuit operative (by a nobody who comes across as unhinged) , and as part of the Scientology cult (by Nico Haupt). Haupt, who I agree with in some of his analysis, is sometimes so irresponsible in his silly attacks that his causes grave concerns to me as to his motives.

Haupt’s cooperation with the youtube poster “Paula Gloria” further raises questions about his interests and methods.


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