Needs More Research: Krongard Bros. (Updated)


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Congressman: State Dept. official threatened investigators

WASHINGTON — Aides to State Department Inspector General Howard Krongard threatened two investigators with retaliation this week if they cooperate with a congressional probe into Krongard’s office, the chairman of a House of Representatives panel and other U.S. officials said Friday.

The allegations are the latest in a growing uproar surrounding Krongard. Current and former officials in his office charge that he impeded investigations into alleged arms smuggling by employees of the private security firm Blackwater and into faulty construction of the new U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

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This is Huge!

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In 1996, Mr. Krongard retired as General Counsel and a Member of Deloitte & Touche, having also been General Counsel of Deloitte Haskins & Sells prior to its combination with Touche Ross and Co. in 1989. He was responsible for all legal matters affecting a multi-billion-dollar international professional partnership. Previously, he was Associate General Counsel and a Member of Peat Marwick Mitchell, and Associate with Cravath Swaine & Moore in its New York and Paris offices, where he specialized in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, SEC matters, and European financings. He was the first Legal Assistant to Judge Kenneth B. Keating, who was elected to New York’s highest court following his tenure as U.S. Senator from New York.
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  • Jul 15:
    EO 13010:
    Directs FEMA to take control over all government agencies in time of
    emergency. FEMA is under control of executive branch of the government.
  • May 30:
    Bilderbergs supposedly meet in Tronnah.
    (hmm Conrad Black…I knew he scared me for a reason.

    oh c*p this Bilderberg group is real)
  • May 6:
    W’m Colby found dead in an area that had already been thoroughly searched
    several times since he went missing in April, 20 m from where his canoe
    had already been found. He had recently become an editor of
    Strategic Investment,
    an important financial newsletter which had covered the
    Vince Foster death
    in detail.

    Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) crashes with debts of
    G£7. Deloitte & Touche does the liquidating.

    Iraqi fried while trying to escape his retreating tank
    Murrah ruin
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    Krongard’s brother, A.D. “Buzzy” Krongard, served as the No. 3 CIA official under then-Director George J. Tenet.

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    Most of these transactions were handled primarily by Deutsche Bank-A.B.Brown,
    a firm which until 1998 was chaired by A. B."Buzzy"
    Krongard, who later became executive director of the CIA.

    More serious was an article in the Sept. 28, 2001 edition of the Washington
    Post stating that officials with the instant messaging firm
    of Odigo in New York confirmed that two employees in Israel
    received text messages warning of an attack on the WTC two hours
    before the planes crashed into the buildings!

    As in the United States, all are treating
    these inquiries as if they were state secrets

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    State IG Accused of Averting Probes

    Howard J. Krongard, the State Department‘s inspector general, has repeatedly thwarted investigations into contracting fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan, including construction of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, and censored reports that might prove politically embarrassing to the Bush administration, the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform charged yesterday in a 13-page letter.

    The letter, addressed to Krongard and signed by the committee chairman, Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.), who released it yesterday, said the allegations were based on the testimony of seven current and former officials on Krongard’s staff, including two former senior officials who allowed their names to be used, and private e-mail exchanges obtained by the committee. The letter said the allegations concerned all three major divisions of Krongard’s office — investigations, audits and inspections.

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    State Department Inspector General Accused of Multiple Cover-Ups
    By Matt Renner
    t r u t h o u t | Report

    The State Department’s inspector general has allegedly interfered with and
    blocked numerous investigations into contracting fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan,
    as well as probes related to domestic issues, according to several whistleblowers
    who provided detailed accounts of the widespread malfeasance to a Democratic

    Congressman Henry Waxman (D-California), chairman of the House Oversight and
    Government Reform Committee, sent a letter to Howard Krongard, the inspector
    general for the State Department, requesting his participation in a Congressional
    investigation into Krongard’s work as inspector general.

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    State Dept. Official Accused of Blocking Inquiry

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 18 — A top House Democrat began an inquiry on Tuesday into accusations that the State Department’s inspector general repeatedly interfered with investigations into fraud and abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan, including security defects at the new United States Embassy in Baghdad.

    Representative Henry A. Waxman of California, the chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, sent the inspector general, Howard J. Krongard, a 14-page letter spelling out accusations made by several current and former employees of Mr. Krongard’s office who documented their charges with e-mail messages.

    Some of the accusers have sought whistle-blower status, which protects government employees from being punished for reporting possible malfeasance, Mr. Waxman said.

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