9/11 Video Fakery

Fetzer don’t mention Wescam (real-time injection and “blue screen”). The manner that Fetzer uses for these discussions of 9/11 (imprecise and blustery) may be a net negative for getting out the truth.

clipped from www.opednews.com

Mounting Evidence of 9/11 Video Fakery: New proof of media duplicity, Scholars claim

by James Fetzer Page 1 of 1 page(s)

New studies of media coverage of the attacks on the Twin Towers have raised serious questions about the integrity of television broadcasts over CNN, CBS and FOX NEWS, according to Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a non-partisan society of students, experts, and scholars. “I used to think that the very idea of faking ‘live’ broadcasts was at least faintly absurd,” observed James Fetzer, the society’s founder. “But it turns out that there is a delay between an event’s actual occurrence and the broadcasting of footage of that same event, which creates the opportunity for image manipulation.”
(a) the “FADE TO BLACK!”s on CNN and FOX occur just as the nose of the plane is emerging from the opposite side of the building, as though an editor were seeking to cover the image;
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