Cannon May Be On to Something


A mystery poster on Gonzales, the RNC emails, and more

In my post below, I give voice to the increasingly popular suspicion that the NSA surveillance program at the heart of the controversial testimony by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was being used to “mine” data on the administration’s political enemies in an election year. A good case can, I think, be made for this idea.
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To those who are asking for views/comments/reactions, I would encourage you to take a large perspective on this Gonzalez situation. I’m going to point you to something that may not seem related, but with time you’ll see there is something to this. 1 Enter at URL [ ] 2. At the second block, “Case ID” — Enter this number [ ] The case file you are looking at is the backup information and messages related to the Maine Power Utility Lawsuit against Verizon. This relates to the recent ruling that the state AG’s of Vermont, Maine, Missouri, and New Jersey can proceed with the litigation on re NSA at the _state_ level. Recall DoJ threatened to sue the state AGs to dissuade them from taking action, in re Honorable Vaughn R. Walker. There are some important things to notice in the casefile: If you go through the records, as you have with the DOJ E-mail dumps you’re going to see some interesting things. * Disclosed Verizon E-mail Addresses Link To NSA, FISA Intermediaries [Disclosures mean Verizon cannot hide e-mails from Grand Jury]


Hitchens the Hired Gun

lgf: CAIR Leader vs. Christopher Hitchens and Dennis Prager On Paula Zahn’s show tonight, discussing the Pace University Koran-dunking incident, Ibrahim Hooper simply could not let anyone else finish a sentence. Hitchens was clearly very irritated at the constant interruptions, but got off this excellent line: “Mr. Hooper, you have neither read nor understood the First Amendment.” And at the very end, Hooper threw in a series of dishonest smears against Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch, who of course was not on the show and could not defend himself. It’s a good development that Hooper is now going on shows with people like this, who understand the issues and won’t sit still for his distortions and lies. But every time he goes on television, he should be asked whether he, and CAIR, are willing to condemn terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hizballah. Because he just can’t bring himself to lie about that and say, “Yes.” (Video will be posted shortly.) Meanwhile, Bill O’Reilly handed CAIR a big propaganda win last night, by supporting the hate crime charges against Stanislav Shmulevich; CAIR has posted video of O’Reilly’s disgraceful position, with the gloating title: O’Reilly Supports Charges in Quran Vandalism Case. UPDATE at 7/31/07 7:06:04 pm: My full-length video is still queued up at Liveleak, and Allahpundit has already posted the show in two parts. So without further ado, and with a thank-you to AP and Hot Air, here it is: (Video player requires Flash Player.) (Video player requires Flash Player.)

More Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Coverage

KerPlonka!: Best. Concert. Ever

Best. Concert. Ever.

Okay, the Flecktones were freaking amazing. Futureman even more his pirate hat:

Yes, that’s me with Victor Wooten. He’s just about the nicest guy I’ve ever met. I sure hope someone did an official taping of his solo performance last night, because it was a thing of beauty. This ~10 year-old video of him doing Amazing Grace doesn’t even come close. Nor does this one of him playing Norwegian Wood.

Holy shit, they even had Jeff Coffin and Futureman throat singing in harmony to the song they were playing. For those who want an example of throat singing…

I’ve still gotta digest it all.

Who Knew American Science and Engineering Faculty Were So Corrupt?

Humint Events Online: Still Hard to Believe How Lame the Pur…

Why exactly are we supposed to believe this lame cartoon is an accurate recreation of what happened on 9/11?????

I mean, disregarding for the moment other glaring problems in the simulation, WHY THE F**K ARE THIN TORN SHEETS OF ALUMINUM CUTTING THROUGH THICK STEEL CORE COLUMNS?????

Jesus– it’s insulting!

The only possible reason I can think that they think we should take this seriously is because it reflects what we were shown on TV that day– CGI images.


Gene Expression: Intercourse and Intelligence

Tyler Cowen quotes from a new study testing the relationship between grades and delayed sexual activity.

Last December I passed a paper along to Razib showing that high-school age adolescents with higher IQs and extremely low IQs were less likely to have had first intercourse than those with average to below average intelligence. (i.e. for males with IQs under 70, 63.3% were still virgins, for those with IQs between 70-90 only 50.2% were virgin, 58.6% were virgins with IQs between 90-110, and 70.3% with IQs over 110 were virgins)

Pelosi: Accessory to the Cover Up

Pelosi Says "No" to a New 9/11 Investigation, Claims Close C…

9/11 Investigation Also Off the Table For Speaker Who Refuses to Impeach Bush

Aaron Dykes / | July 31, 2007


Newport, Rhode Island – Reporters affiliated with and confronted Speaker Nancy Pelosi about a new 9/11 investigation just after the passage of the 9/11 Bill, which only increases already strict security measures, particularly in airports.

Pelosi rattled off a quick, "No, no, no" to the idea of a new 9/11 investigation before changing the subject to claim that she "worked closely with the victims’ families" and that they supposedly wanted the recent legislation.