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B O Called Out

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News Hounds

Boulder High School Students Join Forces To Demand An Apology From Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly has recently made Boulder, Colorado and Boulder High School the focus of one of his brutal crusades claiming the school forced students to attend a forum encouraging them to have sex and take drugs.On 5/29, I posted about an O’Reilly ambush of three Boulder High School administrators and the next day News Hounds recieved this e-mail from Boulder High School Sophomore, Patrick Garrett.

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Not Helpful

Dobbs on the rampage

So how does CNN’s Lou Dobbs handle the latest round of criticism regarding his obdurate claim that he’s been perfectly accurate in his reportage on immigration?
Well, rather than finally issue a correction, as he should have, he’s continuing to wrestle the facts and obscure what he actually reported with yet another broadcast attacking his critics (see here for a breakout of the transcript). Though along the way, he manages to make a confession or two — of sorts.
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9/11 Truth

Post-event information influences memory

Excerpt from Dr. Elizabeth Loftus and Katherine Ketcham, The Myth of Repressed Memory (St. Martin’s Press, 1994)
Dr. Loftus is professor of psychology at UC-Irvine and University of Washington and a prominent expert on memory.


She has written other books and articles that may be more pertinent, but I have a copy of this book, and the below passage summarizes some of her findings that I think are relevant to consideration of 9/11 eyewitness accounts.

This excerpt describes Dr. Loftus’ testimony on behalf of a man prosecuted for murdering his daughter’s friend twenty years earlier, based solely on his daughter’s accusation that she now remembered her father killing her friend.
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Elaine Supkis

Federal Reserve Officers Conspire To Destroy America


Yesterday, US stocks hit new ‘records’. Of course, this doesn’t take into account the harsh reality of inflation. In inflationary terms, the stock market here has been pretty flat. Actually, it would have to rise another 10% or more to equal values from seven years ago. Meanwhile, US reserves fall even more as Japan, Germany, China and Russia’s reserves continue to rise. This is not a sign of a country with healthy fiinancial statistics! Time to look at the mis-named Federal Reserve!

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